10 basic rules for good food photography

So, you’ve whipped up a great dish and would like to immortalize this delicacy in a beautiful photo? Then here are ten simple basic rules for food photography that even photography beginners can apply to make their kitchen wonders look simply stunning. With these tips, you can take great food photos even without artificial effects, like hairspray for more shine or shaving cream instead of cream. After all, you still want to enjoy the delicious result afterwards…

Food photography: portrait or landscape format?

As is more appropriate for the food in question, portrait format images tend to have a more dramatic impact.

I can’t consider all the food photography tips at once when photographing my food, so what now?

Portrait images are also ideal for Instagram.

Long portrait shots almost always work for food photography

How do I get started?

Take pictures and practice. Nothing replaces practice. Just get started.

Are there any other tools for successful food photography?

Yes, there are plenty– from daylight lamps to the use of a tripod to professional studio equipment. But all this is of no use if you don’t know exactly how to operate your camera – no matter if it’s a professional DSLR or a normal 08-15 compact camera. Therefore, we recommend beginner courses at the adult education center or photo stores, and literature. For many popular cameras, photography books are offered that are specifically geared to the model.

What do I do if the pictures still don’t turn out the way I want?

Serve the food hot in any case – that is the most important thing. Photos can never be as important as good and properly tempered food. And then just keep practicing food photography on other objects.

Do you have any other tips on food photography?

Yes, don’t take things too seriously – it’s supposed to be fun! Besides photographing food, photography offers an incredibly large field of activity – you can really outgrow yourself in it! I wish you a lot of fun and success!

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